We're passionate about providing exceptional care for elephants.

Our Mission:         To improve the North American elephant population’s long-term health and welfare by providing and promoting excellence in elephant care and management. The National Elephant Center is a 225-acre home for elephants with the potential to expand in the future.  We provide short-term and long-term care for North American elephants in support of the accredited zoo population and for the welfare of elephants in need.  

Located in Fellsmere, Florida, The Center provides flexible habitats for both African and Asian bull (male) elephants, herds and social groupings.  

The Center is not open to the general public because it has not been designed and is not intended as an attraction. Our staff is entirely focused on caring for the elephants.

We want elephants to thrive in native habitats and in human care:

We always provide exceptional care.
Our team of animal care professionals is dedicated to each elephant’s well-being.  We use positive reinforcement techniques and the best veterinary and nutritional standards.

We’re advancing elephant welfare.
The Center also serves as a central training facility for elephant caretakers, managers and veterinarians, and contributes to husbandry research to improve elephant welfare.

We share our love of elephants to help their survival.
Though not open to the public, The Center offers outreach presentations that raise awareness about elephants and our work to care for them.  


The National Elephant Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization managed by a board of accredited zoo directors, wildlife advocates and conservationists nationwide.  We are supported by a collaborative network of zoos accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), as well as businesses, foundations and people who love elephants.